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The Change Room goes to Sydney

"This helped understand behaviour. How do you change it?"

That is a direct quote from an attendee to BehaviourWorks’ first ever Change Room in Sydney. It’s a big question, and goes to the heart of why we’re in the business of behaviour change.


BWA landed in Sydney’s CBD for a one night stand, sharing some behavioural insights and interacting with an eclectic and well-informed audience of over 100 people at the very stylish Grace Hotel on July 27.


Food, drink, entertainment and networking happened, but not necessarily in that order. 


Liam Smith, Director of BWA, presented Mistakes (how behaviour change is learning what’s right by sometimes getting it wrong), and Sarah Kneebone, Research Fellow at BWA, looked at how Biases affect the way we make decisions. Geoff Paine drove proceedings as the host.    


The audience included representatives from government, television, non-profits, insurance companies, local councils, banking, the psychology sector, academia, consultancies, finance, healthcare, the education sector, big data, business, curious citizens and even ASIO (not sure about that last one). We also got ‘giraffe’ about 50 times, so there must have been a zoo cohort there… 


Based on the feedback we’ve received, the first Sydney Change room was a huge success, and we’d like to thank everyone who made it so, especially our co-sponsors Smart Green Apartments and the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), NSW. 


Our next Melbourne Change Room – Priming – is on August 24 (the link is here).  As always, we look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. 

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